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Julian and Ann Whitlock ( Buyer of Tayana 55 in September 2002 )

26 Kasım 2015

We were looking for a specific marque of yacht and had viewed many in the USA before we found one on the Network website in Turkey which appeared exactly what we wanted and at a very
competitive price.Despite being the owner of a very successful marine company with distributors around the world I have to admit to concerns about buying in Turkey as it was one country I knew little about.

However Murat Toprak, the owner of Network Brokerage, on my first contact with him impressed me with his efficiency and was able to answer all my initial questions and organise a visit and preliminary survey.

From our first face to face meeting I was certain that he was totally trustworthy and committed to helping us through the whole process which he did in an exemplary and friendly manner.

I cannot recommend him highly enough – he made the purchase of Freewheel for our circumnavigation a real pleasure and I now consider him a very close friend.